Avionic Classes

Seminars for Senior Management And Corporate Attorneys

For Senior Management and Corporate Attorneys - The Growing Impact of Atmospheric Radiation on Semiconductor Devices and the Resulting Impact on Avionic Suppliers - There are two versions Available:

  1. The first video seminar (length 6 min.) disscusses business risk and liability issues for today's products.
  1. The second video seminar (length 16.5 min.) also explains why these issues exist, how this has happended, and what you can do to solve the problem
  • Download Whitepaper PDF (This Whitepaper provides background on the Radiation Effects Issue and explains how this evolution has taken place without significant awareness of the Avionics Industry)

Engineer and Designer Courses
System and Hardware

DO-178B Software, Safety and Certification
This course provides the fundamentals of developing and assessing software to the standard RTCA/DO-178B Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification. It will also provide insight into the FAA's software review process, along with the FAA's software policy, practical keys for successful software development and certification, the common pitfalls of software development, and new software challenges facing the aviation community of today.
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DO-254 Complex Electronic Hardware Development
This course provides the fundamentals of developing and assessing electronic components to the standard RTCA/DO-254, Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware. It is designed for developers, avionics engineers, systems integrators, aircraft designers, and others involved in development or implementation of complex electronic hardware. The course will also provide insight into the FAA's review process, and will provide practical keys for successful development and certification.
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Intro to Avionics
This course explains the concepts of avionics and flight operations, along with how they affect design. For engineers unfamiliar with avionics systems and flight operations.
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SEE/SEU Single Event Effects/Upset - (Effects of atmospheric radiation on electronic devises)
This class explains why this is an issue and the risks of not addressing this issue in existing and future designs. It explains where the radiation comes from, how it affects the components, methods of design review to identify possible issues, analog mitigation techniques, digital mitigation techniques, memory, processors, etc.